Bathroom Design

We cannot stress enough on the fact that how a house comes together as a combination of modules. These modules include many different parts of the house such as the living room, drawing room, bedrooms, and many others as well. The bathrooms, however, is an important area of our house and is the one in which we can personalize to our will. With beautiful finishes and innovative technology, the bathrooms are parts of the house where small details matter no matter how small they are. It is important to plan for your bathroom designs.

So, let Melbourne Interior Design Studio get into how bathroom designs are supposed to cater things to them. First things first, this is as technical as any other part of the house whether it be the kitchen, the bedroom, or any other, so it’s highly suggested to pay more attention since this is something that is very personal to everyone.


As we suggested before, designing a bathroom has two ways to go about it. One is to start from scratch and build everything from the very get-go. Another way is to look at existing ideas and start working from there. Where many opt for the latter option and work on existing ideas, there are many who go for the option of designing everything themselves.

As we said, the littlest of details matter as much as the bigger ones. It’s important to say that the when it comes to deciding the color scheme of the room, it’s essential that the color is such that it doesn’t wear away with time. And most of all, it’s important that you select a color scheme that doesn’t look dirty or unclean. For the best color schemes, be sure to check out some of the already available designs to make your decisions and options more applicable.

Ventilation and exhaustion of air from the bathroom to the outside are very important as well. You would not want any moisture interfering with your appliances or smell spreading around the house because of the bathrooms. Therefore, good ventilation and exhaustion should always be considered as a top priority.

Having covered some of the basic aspects of designing a bathroom, it is highly apparent that it is not an easy task and it should not be either. There are a lot of technicalities involved with the way things work for the bathroom. Which appliances to use so that everything blends in and comes together in every regard. Be sure to check out some of the existing designs so that you have an idea of what technicalities and issues might arise and how to tackle them properly.


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